Sermonseries Preaching is an important part of youth ministry.  We spend large portions of our time creating, writing, and giving sermons to our students because we believe that God's word is powerful.  As you work with students, you likely not only want to preach God's word, but you want to do so clearly and creatively.  You want students to be engaged with the scriptures, not bored by something that they think doesn't relate to their life.

One of the most valuable ways, in my opinion, to preach through the Bible is by organizing it in a sermon series.  This isn't something mandated by the Bible, so it is by no means the only way to organize your teaching calendar.  A sermon series is in essence a way to organize a group of messages that are tied together by some common thread and preach through those in succession and with a similar branding so that the messages are more memorable for the hearers.

The Creating a Sermon Series series is meant to help anyone who preaches.  It will discuss topics ranging from the value of using a sermon series in preaching to the practical elements of actually figuring out how to brand your series and package it together in a creative way.

This post will serve as the general Table of Contents for this series and be the place to reference all of the posts that are a part of this series.

Upcoming Posts

1. Preaching Using a Sermon Series

2. Getting Ideas for a Series

3. Choosing What to Preach

4. Creating the Series Plan

5. Branding the Series

6. Sermon Series Branding Questions

7. Writing Messages as a Part of a Series

8. And more...

If you have any ideas for topics that you would like to see discussed as a part of this series, let me know in the comments.

Photo Credit: Lars Hammar