Youthministry 101

This is youth ministry...

Vince Lombardi, famously began his football training camp by saying, "Gentlemen, this is a football."  This was a camp with football players making more money than any of us have ever made for playing a sport.  But Vince Lombardi realized something very important; no matter what you've already learned, the fundamentals are always critical to a person's performance.  Fundamentals can help a rookie be set on the right path as they develop their skills and can help refine the bad habits of a veteran that has slowly forgotten some of the basics.  Whether you are a student ministry rookie or a veteran, this is youth ministry.


Whether you are a youth ministry veteran or a rookie just entering the world of ministry to teenagers, it is always valuable to think the fundamentals.  The Youth Ministry 101 Series is meant to help rookies, veterans, paid, and volunteer youth workers.  This series will talk about many of the basics that will help you be a healthy, effective leader in your student ministry.

This post will serve as the general Table of Contents for this series and be the place to reference all of the posts that are a part of this series.

Upcoming Posts

1. Take Care of Yourself Before You Take Care of Them

2. Youth Ministry Isn't Rocket Science

3. Youth Group vs. Youth Ministry

4. Youth Ministry for the Long Haul: Marathon or Sprints?

5. Don't Be That Guy

6. How to Talk to Teenagers

7. Dealing with Conflict in Ministry

8. Books Every Youth Worker Must Read

9. Leading Small Groups Well

10. And more...


If you have any ideas for topics that you would like to have discussed for this series, let me know in the comments.