Photo You may have noticed that over the past week the frequency of my posts has increased.  I love writing and sharing my thoughts on this blog, so I recently joined the BlogX challenge from  Since I've always enjoyed writing, I thought this challenge would be a great way for me to improve my writing skills by being challenged to produce consistent and quality content for this blog.

1. Writing takes work

Some days I have something to write and other days I really have to work to find something to say.  BlogX has challenged me to make it a habit of always writing something even when it's difficult.  It'd be easy to just wait for inspiration and only blog then, but by actually doing the hard work of writing every day, the skill of writing becomes easier.

2. Learn your workflow

As I've gone through a whole week of challenges, I've learned that certain days it's easy to do the challenges (Mondays) and other days are incredibly difficult (Wednesdays).  This isn't because of the difficult of the challenges, but more about figuring out what my blogging workflow is.  BlogX so far has begun to help me figure out a routine to what works best for me

3. Things get easier with other people

Having a group of other people that are also working on the same challenges make this much easier.  It certainly takes some personal motivation to do the posts each day, but it's nice getting to read through the improving blogs of the other people a part of the blogging community that are also working on improving their skills.