You are a theologian.

You may not think of yourself as one, but the truth is you are one.  Theology is the study of God; since you are bound to have some opinions, beliefs, or practices related to who God is and what he has done, you are a theologian.  Good theology can give a person peace in a time of tragedy, hope when things seem hopeless, and grace when a person should feel guilt.  On the other hand, poor theology is toxic for the soul, leading individuals down paths that are dangerous both spiritually and also practically.

In our ministries it is important that we continually evaluate our theology.  What does the scripture say about what we are teaching?  What does God's word reveal to us about the things that we say are important?  How does our orthodoxy influence our daily practices?  The danger is that it is easy to fall into the trap of spending more time concerned with what is relevant at the expensive of worrying about what is true.  Relevance is critical, especially in youth ministry, but the truth is always relevant.

Theology matters.  Concern yourself with handling God's word properly.  Try to find the most effective way to teach your students God's word, but don't let the context take priority over the content of the message.

"Let your wife worry about your clothes.  Buy books and study.  We don't need any more well-dressed, hip, funny, heretics.  Who cares how you say it if what you're saying is wrong." - Matt Chandler, Pastor at The Village Church

Photo Credit: Nick Treby

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