Logos [This post is a part of the Creating a Sermon Series series]

Branding the sermon series is the part that is one of my favorite parts of the series preparation.  It is the part of the planning that we really begin to think about what images, words, and symbols will help make this series of messages memorable.  What visuals will help not only make it memorable, but help communicate the message that we are trying to share.  The branding stage is the stage that a sermon series begins to look like an actual usable sermon series.  The branding is when the series gets a title and begins to be fleshed out into all the elements that make up a sermon series.

Branding is the "name, term, sign, symbol, or combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers."  In the context of a sermon series, it's the name, terms, signs, symbols, or comibantion thereof to help church-goers identify the vision and message of a set of sermons and encourage them to listen.

Branding a sermon series might include:

  • Title: What words are you going to use to identify the series?
  • Graphics: What's the visual feel (colors, images, sermon slides, etc) that you are going to use to identify the series?
  • Tagline: Is there a subtitle that helps further communicate your message?
  • Staging: Can the brand recognition be enhanced by a certain stage set-up?
  • Video: Is there video that you want to use as a part of the series brand? Is there a video bumper that helps lead into the sermon?
  • Sermon Titles: Is there a way you want to tie your individual sermon titles into the actual series?

[The above list is an adaptation from Tentblogger's Introduction to Branding]

A quality brand has been seen to evoke great passion amongst followers.  Apple, with their simple name, logo, and design have shaped the way their customers view their products.  Not only do they successfully sell their products, but they turn customers into passionate evangelists of their brand.  And Apple users don't just use Apple products, they brag about Apple products.

Don't expect sermon series branding to convert people.  Your creativity abilities are not going to motivate somebody to get out of the pew and into the neighborhood.  A creative title doesn't move a passive churchgoer into an active evangelist.  That's the Spirit's job.  But branding a sermon series will help create an important sermon series recognition.  When a slide is shown, when a 30 second video clip appears, or when the title of a sermon series is spoken, the message and direction of a well-branded series will be recognized.

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