Converse Being around a group of other middle school ministry pastors for a weekend inspired me to make a list of random generealizations about what is true of many of us who find ourselves working with middle school students.  All of these things came from observations that I had about middle pastors while at the campference; they are all at least true of myself.

You Might Be a Middle School Pastor If...

  • You own a pair (or two) of a converse.
  • You cannot walk through wal-mart without thinking of game ideas.
  • You think poop is funny.
  • You have a nerf gun in your office.
  • You think any object can become a game.
  • You think you're awesome at dodgeball because you normally dominate middle schoolers.
  • You love to meet other people who love middle school students.
  • Your crazy enough to believe junior high students can change the world.

What should I add to the list?

Photo Credit: Varjakkk