Everyone poops. We are taught from a young age this fact of life and brilliant children books have been written to help us understand this concept.  If you eat, you will poop.  And chances are you not only don't think much about this simple fact of life, but you rarely have associated it with Jesus.

Jesus ate...therefore, Jesus pooped.

The Bible never goes into detail about Jesus' bathroom habits, thankfully.  But I'd be willing to argue that this simple fact of life is true and if not, the act of not pooping for 33 years should be on the list of Jesus' most amazing miracles.  All throughout the scriptures we learn about who Jesus is and what he came to do, and the Bible speaks clearly that Jesus was human.

Toilet Paper

Jesus is both 100% man and 100% God.  Jesus felt pain, he slept, he got angry, he wept, he got hungry, he ate and inevitably he pooped.  I think  as Christians we often talk about the humanity of Jesus and think of him more as an almost-human.  We think of Jesus as someone who never got sick because he's God; his temptations weren't a big deal because he's God.  If we remove the humanity from our view of Jesus, we have an incomplete picture of who Jesus is.

The humanity of Jesus life is crucial to our relationship with God.  The humanity of Jesus helps us realize that God isn't a distant-far off God that doesn't understand what we go through.  And most importantly, by being completely human Jesus was able to give his life for our sins.  If we eliminate the humanity of God, we also inevitably eliminate the sacrifice he made and his role in taking our place.  In the same way if we eliminate the complete divinity of Jesus, we also eliminate the power to forgive sins, be the perfect payment for all of sin, and conquer death.