1162703278 4da9c56de5 b If there were a group of professional ministry workers that tended to be on the cutting edge of technology instead of lagging behind the rest of the world, it would be youth workers.  Technology is an incredible opportunity for youth pastors to utilize a tool that is integrated in the life of a teenager to help them grow.  Youth workers spend their time ministering teenagers whose lives are woven together with technology.  Youth workers spend time using technology to produce content for their ministry, communicate with students in their ministry, teach the gospel, and to connect professionally with other youth workers.  While many of us in youth ministry know a lot about technology, there are often certain areas that we have an interest in utilizing within our ministries but need some tips on getting started.

Technology in Youth Ministry will be a series that does just that.  It will help provide some basics on how to begin utilizing technology in different areas of your youth ministry.  If you're looking to make videos, I'll share some tips in how to get started with the video editing process.  If you're looking to find apps that will be helpful to you as you work with students, I'll share some apps that I feel like every youth worker should have.

This post will serve as the general Table of Contents for this series and be the place to reference all of the posts that are a part of the series.

Upcoming Posts

1. Producing Videos for Youth Ministry

2. Graphic Design in Youth Ministry

3. Apps for Youth Ministry

4. iPad Apps for Youth Ministry

5. Blogging in Youth Ministry

5. Text Messaging in Youth Ministry

6. Social Networking in Youth Ministry

7. Building a Youth Ministry Website Using Wordpress

Are there any other topics you'd like to see in this series?

Photo Credit: JGarber