iPad [This post is a part of the Technology in Youth Ministry series]

As tablet devices get more and more popular, there are also more people looking for ways to specifically utilize them for their ministry.  Perhaps you are trying to justify buying the new iPad as a ministry expense or simply trying to find ways to use the device that you already own within your ministry.  As the iPad continues to grow in popularity, the library of applications that are available continues to improve and therefore the amount of quality apps for ministry also continue to grow.

Top 10 iPad Apps for Youth Ministry

10. Relevant Magazine. Relevant  Magazine not only produces a great print magazine, but they have produced a great iPad app for viewing their magazine.  If you are in youth ministry, there is likely a lot of great content that you will find helpful in this magazine.

9. Chimpadeedo.  I do an e-mail newsletter for our middle school ministry.  The most difficult part of doing this, besides writing it, is actually collecting e-mails of parents.  One great way that I plan to implement this fall is utilize this app by Mailchimp as a way of collecting e-mail addresses of parents who would like to sign up for the e-mail newsletter.

8. Evernote.  This is one of the best digital ways to take your notes.  Evernote has done a great job making their services work across all platforms, whether it's your computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

7. iMovie.  While you can certainly use iMovie on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you'll have a much easier time and a better video editing experience using the iPad.

6. Spotify.  As you look for music to use in your student ministry, it is easy to have a music bill that is continually growing.  Spotify, which was just released for the iPad, makes it easy for you to make playlists of almost any song you can think of.  The app is free, but it will cost $9.99 a month in order to use the app.

5. Pages.  On the iPhone, I rarely use the Pages app but on the iPad I find it much more useful.  I'll use it to make small adjustments to key documents, use it to keep track of my retreat schedules, and even use it as notes during a teaching.

4. Reeder.  If you use Google Reader and subscribe to several blogs, my favorite RSS reader app for both the iPhone and the iPad is Reeder.

3. Keynote.  If you want an easy way to save yourself from having to bring along a laptop to hook up to a projector and show your presentations, Keynote for iPad will allow you to do the same thing with your iPad.

2. Marble Mixer for iPad.  Once in a while you just need a fun game for a few students to play together; Marble Mixer is a great multi-player game that can be played with up to four players.

1. Paper.  If you like to sketch your notes and ideas out, this is the perfect app to let you do that.  Paper will let you make some quick doodles during meetings or do a mind map as you brainstorm all kinds of ideas for your ministry.