FiveTwo Logo Transparent background 1024x636 This week I’m hanging out with some awesome people at the FiveTwo WikiConference in Katy, Texas.   Last year was my first year at the conference and this year I am back and cannot wait for all that Wiki will bring.  One of my favorite things about the conference was hanging out with a bunch of like-minded people who wanted to talk and think about reaching our communities with the message of Jesus.

To help you get an idea of what the conference is, here’s a snippet from the website’s description:

WikiConference is the annual gathering for the FiveTwo Network. You’ve probably heard the term “wiki” before… wikipedia, wiki leaks, etc. A “wiki” is a website that allows collaborated editing of it’s content and structure by it’s users. In our case, it’s a conference that is coordinated and presented through collaboration between organizations and ministry experts in various ministry fields. These people are on the front lines and in the trenches. They are passionate about reaching God’s lost in their communities and they are practicing what they are preaching. WikiConference is for any church leader–staff or volunteer–who wants personal, practical ways to better reach the lost in their community.

During the conference I will be taking notes and sharing them on my blog.  If you want to follow along, this post will serve as the table of contents as they get written.

Table of Contents

Session 1 - Bill Woolsey (I actually have to miss the opening session)

Session 2 - Ed Stetzer

Session 3 - Carl Medearis

Session 4 - Joanne Solis-Walker

Session 5 - Ian Cron

Session 6 - Polly Wright

Session 7 - Jon Acuff