4419472597 2b4d745efa b You may have noticed without warning I stopped blogging for the past month or so.  It wasn't something that I initially planned, but I decided to go with it once I realized I stopped for several weeks in a row.  It'd be easy to simply blame it on busyness, but that also insults the busyness of my life at times when I've maintained blogging.  Busyness was not the reason for the break, although the beginning of a new school year and end of summer is a great time for a break.  Instead the break was primarily influenced by my obsessing about my blogging statistics a bit too much.  It wasn't something I regularly talked about, but I caught myself checking Google Analytics one too many times on my phone.

Paying attention to SEO and my traffic trends can be valuable, but it also can tend towards getting too caught up in how many people are visiting.  I want my site traffic to grow, but I don't want that to be the main thing.

What Now?

  • I want to check my blogs stats, but no more than once a day...maybe less.
  • I want to write often, but not feel guilty if I miss a day or two.
  • I want to share resources of stuff we're using in our ministry.
  • I want to work on becoming a better writer.
  • I want to keep talking and writing about theology.
Photo Credit: Brenderous