Which Jesus do you like best? Do you prefer the Jesus that is like a Santa Claus that gives you whatever you ask for, only of course if your nice not naughty? Or do you prefer the Jesus that can give you 7 principles for being a better leader? What about the Jesus that promises to make you healthy and wealthy? Or do you like to picture your Jesus wearing a tuxedo t-shirt?

Giving our life to an imitation of Christ is incredibly dangerous. Poor theology can often disguise itself as good theology by attaching the name of Christ. The harsh reality is that following a Christ who is nothing more than a self-help guru is no Christ at all. Poor theology can be incredibly harmful to our faith especially when it teaches something false about the person of Christ and our salvation.

"I have come that they have have life, and have it to the full." - John 10:10

While it might be easy to say a life to the full is one where I am healthy, wealthy, and successful, the truth is that those things don't truly satisfy. They may be good for a season, but in the end leave a person feeling empty. It's no shock that when Solomon put pleasure to the test, he found that ultimately everything was meaningless... because all those other things may be good for a season, but they don't ultimately give us what we need.

And what we need can only be found in the person and work of Christ. His death. His ressurection. Grace. Forgiveness. Life.