Videos The two most popular video sharing websites are YouTube and Vimeo, with YouTube being the significantly larger of the two.  With the dominance of the video market, YouTube and Vimeo both offer different benefits that might make each service the better option depending on what you are looking for when trying to post your videos online.  While YouTube is one of the largest search engines and most popular video sites around, Vimeo offers great control and high quality.

The Benefits of YouTube over Vimeo

Because of the significantly larger audience on YouTube, nobody is surprised when you say that they can find a video on YouTube.  Everybody knows exactly what you are talking about.  On the other hand, if you say you uploaded a video to Vimeo, there is not going to be a similar level of understanding.  When you use youtube, especially in student ministry, one of the biggest benefits to YouTube is the mass appeal of the site and the simple fact that most of your kids are already searching for videos there already.  If students are already hanging out watching video on this site, what better place to be then where they already are.

One of the other benefits of YouTube is search.  If you are looking to have your videos discovered online, you are much more likely for that to happen on YouTube.  YouTube is actually one of the largest search engines and it is all dedicated to video.  Vimeo also allows for search, but search is one of the primary function for users of YouTube.  It is common language for people to say, "Have you seen this youtube video?"  It is not likely for somebody to say, "Have you heard of this vimeo video?"

The Benefits of Vimeo over YouTube

Control and Quality.  The reason that Vimeo might be a better option for you is because of the control that it offers you.  While YouTube videos are often littered with ads and suggested videos, everything on Vimeo can be controlled; this control increases even more with a Plus or Pro account.  Vimeo can allow you to control if other videos are recommended, what websites are allowed to embed your video, and even if the Vimeo logo shows up when you post your video on another site.  When I have a video I want embedded on our middle school website, Vimeo is usually my first choice.

In addition to the control that Vimeo offers, the site tends to offer higher quality videos than YouTube.  While both sites can play HD video on the web, Vimeo consistently looks better and has higher quality of produced videos that are uploaded.  If you consider your work art and you want it in a place that's going to look great and offer you a lot of control, Vimeo might be the better option.

What do you prefer Vimeo or YouTube?  Why?

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