Truth or Dare Truth or Dare is a game all about making a difficult decision; which will be less uncomfortable - being truthful about a difficult question or following through with the dare presented to you?  I remember not knowing what I would choose when playing the game and being frozen as I tried to determine, should I focus on the truth or focus on the dare.  As Christians, it is crucial that we spend time both knowing and growing in the truth and daring to live out that truth in our day-to-day lives.  It is easy to view these things as a choice.  It's easy to think that we can just choose whichever is less uncomfortable, growing in the truth or living out our faith.  But the reality is that it is not either...or, but a both...and.  We must know and grow in the truth.  And we must dare to live out our faith.

The messages we will be doing over the course of the series will be;

1. The Truth

2. The Dare

3. Truth + Dare