Sermon series If you are in ministry and you teach regularly, chances are you are also consistently looking for sermon inspiration or freebies. As a ministry, we are regularly producing great content for our sermon series.  The creative process to developing these is one of the areas that I am most passionate.  I love working with our team as we brainstorm ideas and then helping move ideas forward into a finished product.

Feel free to use these ideas to inspire your own ideas.  The only thing we ask is that you don’t sell our original content as your own.  Also please note, that occasionally some of our series images heavily rely on stock images; in those cases I will let you know since you must purchase the original source image in order to have legal permission to use the image. 

First Things First

first things first

Series Description: At the beginning of the year most of us make resolutions to prioritize our life. That’s not easy to do. We try to place first things first, yet there are so many things that take up our time and energy. Everything we have is a result of God first giving it to us. Our job is to use those gifts that he has given and respond by placing first things first.

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Click Here


Note: This “click here” imagery was the inspiration of one of our Pastors, Paul Arndt

Series Description: After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35). They didn’t recognize him nor did they understand the purpose of his ministry. As Jesus walked with them, he opened up the Old Testament and began to link all of the Scriptures to himself.

If Jesus were to have the same conversation in our digital age, it might look like a hyperlink or one of those notations on the web page that says, “click here”. He would hover over a portion of the Scripture and link it to his person and work, his death and his resurrection, the message of the forgiveness of sins.

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Pray Like Jesus


Series Description: Throughout the Gospels we can read about Jesus' prayers. There are specific prayers that He taught His followers to pray and there are others that He prayed on our behalf. What can we learn from Jesus' prayer life, and His teachings, that we can apply to our prayer life? How does Jesus respond when confronted with temptation or trial? Can His response be our response?

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Credit: Our designers who do all this amazing work are Mari, Sheila, and Corey