Seminary I have officially completed my first year of seminary.  Last fall, I officially jumped head first into this new journey of having my nights filled with writing papers, listening to lectures, and reading books by dead guys.  And now, after one year of hard work, I’m still at it.

Here are some random thoughts after one year of work.

  • I’m glad that I like to read books by dead guys.  Because it helps with the reading assignments.
  • Reading isn’t nearly as fun when it is mandatory.
  • School is school.  Even when it’s learning about stuff you like.  There are classes that I enjoy.  And classes that I dread.
  • I have learned a ton. It’s been a lot of work.
  • Since I’m a Vicar (like a Pastor-intern), I get to preach regularly.  And that is by far my favorite thing I get to do.  I love preaching and want to keep doing it as much as my church lets me.
  • My best class and also my hardest class was called the Master Narrative and was taught by Dr. Charles Arand.  That man was is a genius.
  • I’ve been on campus this week and I’m amazed at the knowledge and insight of the theologians we have in the LCMS.  These professors are some great thinkers and have me greatly encouraged as I think about the mission and ministry of our congregations.
  • I’m only a little over a year away from ordination.  That’s awesome.
  • I’m incredibly blessed to be at church that supports me in this journey.  And even more, to have a wife that puts up with me staying up all night to do homework.

One year down.  Three to go.