In a little over two months, Reading Romans with Luther will make it's launch into the wild. I'm excited to see this work finally come to fruition. I believe that the theology of Martin Luther is needed in our world today, but most people wouldn't dare read his writing. Reading Romans with Luther helps remove the intimidation. It's the work of Luther, but it's edited, re-arranged, and contributed to with additional writing and artwork that is all created to make an accessible, easy-to-read book that dives into the depths of Luther's theology in Romans. 

As much as this book is a part of my hard work, it's also a part of a community - a community of people who are crazy enough to believe that God's two words - Law and Gospel - are absolutely vital in this day and age. A community of people who have been changed by the one way love of Jesus and who want others to be set free by that good news. 

The writing and editing is done, but now we need your help.  

The Launch Team

I'm assembling a launch team that will help me make sure as many people as possible will hear about this book through social media, e-mail, and word of mouth. If you join the launch team, you'll get an early digital copy of the book and early access to a bunch of additional content including small group material, sermon series guides, and artwork from the book. 

If you're interested in joining, please apply here and I'll get you more info soon. After you join the launch team, I'll add you to a private Facebook group and get you on an e-mail list so we can communicate regularly leading up to the launch of the book.