Preacher If you want to be a better preacher, whether to students or adults, you need to not only be doing it yourself but also reading and listening to others who do it well.  I am constantly downloading new sermons to listen to and always looking for new ones to get into my list of podcasts.  This list is not based on the accuracy of their theology, but instead on their ability to communicate well.  There are certainly some on the list that I would reccommend to anybody to listen to and others that I would be cautious about recommending to somebody if I'm unsure of there ability to listen critically.

A Few Preachers I'm Listening To:

Matt Chandler, The Village Church - Probably one the best preachers I have ever listened to.

Matt Popovits, CrossPoint Church - Great theology.  Great preacher.

Andy Stanley, NorthPoint Church - The best when it comes to clear, simple communication.

Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church Seattle - Long sermons but does a great job at breaking books down verse by verse.

Rob Bell - Probably one of the best communicators around; I often disagree with his theology but he communicates well.

Francis Chan - I cannot listen to him preach without thinking "This guy really believes every word he is saying."  I hope people feel that way when I teach.

Steven Furtick, Elevation Church - I enjoy seeing how he approaches the topics creatively.

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