In the coming weeks, months, and year, I have a variety of new projects that I have in the works that I want to update you on.  I’m super excited about the potential of these and want to make sure you’re in the loop. As we’ve transitioned houses, my regular writing routines have been thrown for a loop, but I’m glad to say that I’ve begun to re-enter into my regular writing routines and can shake off some of the rust as I get back into having weekly posts on my own site, some guest posts, and can dive into some writing projects.

So about the new projects that I’m working on...

The Art of Law and Gospel eBook

I’ve had this idea for a while to catapult off the work of some of my former blogposts and preaching ideas and turn it into a short book that is a good introduction into a Law/Gospel understanding.  I’ve begun compiling some of my thoughts into a document and organizing short chapters and thoughts into a structure that makes sense.  My hope with this eBook is that it can help us as Christians think artistically about how think about the words of Law and Grace we share with the people around us.  The inspiration of the title comes from the great Lutheran theologian CFW Walther when he said, ““Rightly distinguishing the Law and the Gospel is the most difficult and the highest art of Christians in general and of theologians in particular. It is taught only by the Holy Spirit in the school of experience.”

New Website

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of re-desigining my website for a few months now and have decided to make the jump. I’ve been okay with the current site, but it’s time to step it up. I think we can add a beauty that accompanies not only the graphics on posts, but the overall feel of the site and find better ways to highlight some of the other ways that people can dive into theology for everyday life in things like books and sermons. I’ll let you know when the new site is coming, we’ll probably have to shut things down for a few days when we actually decide to make the transition.

Luther’s Work on Romans

After the incredible success of Galatians, I’ve been in talks with Concordia Publishing House about doing a follow up work on another one of Luther’s works. They offered to me a list of books as a possibility and I thought there would be no other place to continue Luther’s understanding of justification than with the book of Romans. Self-publishing Galatians was a fun process, but I think working with CPH will allow me to do a little bit more with the Romans book that I couldn’t do with Galatians.  First of all, CPH has an incredible translation that we’ll be working with.  And second, the designer that has been assigned to my project is incredible and I actually believe that based on his portfolio he can help the design of Romans be a step up from the design and beauty of Galatians.  It’ll be a while for this work to hit the shelves, but I’ll keep you updated along the way and I’ll also be looking for your help as I start the editing and writing process.

ChristHoldFast Conference

Lastly, this February I’m hanging out with a bunch of awesome friends in Orlando, Florida at the ChristHoldFast conference.  The conference is going to be a great place for a bunch of us to come and hang out and soak in the great Law/Gospel teaching.  I’m going to be leading a breakout at the conference talking about one of my favorite subjects, Vocation, specifically looking at the freedom we find in our work when we understand the way God works in our world. If you haven’t signed up for the conference, make sure you register and sign up for my breakout!