I never knew that there would be a day when I thought to myself, I need to buy a thermostat.  I had assumed that the next time I would buy a thermostat would be when something caused my current thermostat to fail.  And at that point, I would drive to the local hardware store and look for something cheap to solve my problem.  I like my house to be the proper temperature, but I don't get excited about temperature control devices.  That was until the Nest Learning Thermostat.  This week former Apple engineers, who helped create the iPod, unveiled their latest technological creation.  Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers announced a thermostat called "Nest" that magically learn your habits.

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Why I Decided I Needed a New Thermostat

It's stunning.

The design is incredible.  Watch the video and watch how simple and elegant the design is.  The user experience appears to be done flawlessly and will be much simpler than any other thermostat that exists.  I love good design and this was the first time I ever thought that design even mattered in controlling the temperature of my house.

It's smart.

According to Nest, the thermostat will begin to start to learn your routine after a week of use.  It begins to understand what temperature you like in the morning and what temperature you like when you go to bed.  As you adjust the temperature, it begins to learn what temperatures it should automatically adjust to in order to suit your needs.  It also is built with a motion detector, so when it realizes that no one is home, it is smart enough to switch into an away mode.  It also has WiFi built in, so in the situations that I want to control the temperature form my iPhone, I can.

It's made by people who made the iPod.

When I explained to my wife the reason we need this thermostat and I made this point, she quickly said, "So that's the real reason you want it."  Apple designs great products, so why would I expect anything different from a couple of ex-apple engineers that decided to get into the thermostat business.