I’m excited to announce the launch of my new eBook.  I’ve spent some time editing, designing, and putting together: Little Church: Discipling Your Family Based on Deuteronomy 6 so I could give it away for FREE!

Update: This book is no longer available for free, but you can find it for on Amazon for only $2.99

This eBook began as a sermon that I preached at Faith Lutheran Church in June 2013.  It has since morphed into some blog posts and now into an eBook.  The theologian Jonathan Edwards once said, “Every Christian family ought to be as it were a little church.”  This begs the question, “How is your little church?"  What are you doing to pastor your family?

About Little Church.

I intentionally made the book short and sweet so you could read it all in one sitting.  It’s also meant to be highly practical.  I want you to be able to read the things talked about and have some practical ways you can start implementing it in your home.  Years ago, I read the book Think Orange by Reggie Joiner and his description of Deuteronomy 6 has been influential ever since.

“Children learn best through routine, and when families create the right rhythm it helps to accentuate learning and development. Although every family should look for the patterns that work best for them in light of their schedules, four specific times are listed in this passage that any family can leverage to build the faith of their children.” - Reggie Joiner in Think Orange

This framework based on Deuteronomy 6 - teacher, friend, counselor, coach - is what we will explore in this eBook.

How to get a copy

Little Church is available on Amazon for only $2.99.