Facebook is a massive social network that has had a huge influence on culture as we know it.  Because of the amount of people using facebook, there is a lot that can be learned about people by observing the culturual reaction to changes on facebook.  As we observe the flurry of reactions from people, there are a few observations that seem to be consistent in my experience on facebook.


Everyone hates change...at first

Facebook routinely makes changes to the way the website works.  And whenever they do, my newsfeed gets littered with people complaining about how much they dislike the new changes.  Facebook makes a change, people get upset.  People are forced to deal with the change and then eventually they start to like it.  People don't like change; this is true for us individually, this is true for our organizations, and this is true for our churches.  This doesn't mean we shouldn't change, but change should be navigated carefully.

People believe the lies

It's amazing how lies can spread.  Go on facebook and look around, and how often do you see somebody posting a status because they are worried that facebook is going to start charging users for its service.  That's a lie.  Facebook makes millions of dollars from advertising and if the advertising weren't enough, the amount of data it knows about us individually is probably worth even more.  Facebook has no need to charge money for facebook, and facebook certainly knows that if they do people will find somehting else.  But despite this, people freak out because they heard something from someone who heard from someone else.  And it spreads.