rjgrune.com If you utilize the web to share your ideas, creations, or products, the value of the web presence that you create for yourself or your organization is critical to your success.  Anybody can build a website.  Having a presence online is easy, but having a positive, growing web presence is much more difficult.

Yesterday, I published a guest post for Churchm.ag about 3 Ways to Improve Your Web Presence:

1) Create shareable content.

If you want to improve your brand or organization's web presence, you need to producing content that is shareable.  We live in a world of tweets, pins, and Facebook sharing.  If your content isn't something that is easily shareable, forget about people even realizing it exists.  Gone are the days where people simply visit your site to find new information.  Find ways to make it easier to share you content and to create content that promotes social sharing.

  • Do your sermons have short, simple snippets that people can easily watch and share on their social networks?
  • When you write a blog post, do you have ways to share those built into your site?
  • When you create media for your church, is it being uploaded online so that people can keep watching it or do you show it once and leave it on your local hard drive?

To read the other 3 ways to improve your presence, visit churchm.ag.