Baby 3d Everywhere you look, somebody is using 3D to promote something.  DVD players are 3D capable, television sets tout their 3D features, and even old movies are re-released as new 3D movies.  3D may be simply a fad, but regardless it is fun to have the capabilities to shoot a 3D video to show off.  When we recently filmed some short 3D videos to help with our winter retreat theme, we had to learn how to shoot and edit a video that would actually appear in 3D.  We weren't interested in buying expensive equipment to create the effect, so we worked out how to make a 3D video using two iPhones and Final Cut.

How To Make a 3D Video

1.Use Two of the Same Cameras

3D works like our eyes; the goal is to get two of the cameras (preferably identical) set up as though they were two eyes looking at the subject.  In order to do this, we used two identical iPhones set up on a Gorilla Tripod.  The Gorilla tripods are extremely flexible, which allowed us to line up our phones so they were nearly in perfect position for the shoot.


2. Layer the Videos in Your Video Editor

Once you've shot your video, import the clips into your computer.  It's important to keep track of which footage was taken from the left device and which was from the right. In order to edit the 3D video, you'll need a video editor that can handle multiple layers of video, such as Final Cut or Adobe Premiere.

Final cut pro xSet both videos up in the timeline layered one on top of each other.  You'll want to make sure that your videos are perfectly in sync and mute whichever audio is not needed.

3. Change the Overlays

To get the 3D effect working, you need to get the red/cyan double-vision look in place.  Change the opacity of the videos to 50% so that the video appears like double-vision.  If you filmed properly, the goal would be for the images to be slightly different with each camera.  Make the left video have a red overlay (RGB: 255, 0, 0) and the right video should have a cyan overlay (RGB: 0, 255, 255).  These colors will allow the video work for a Red/Cyan 3D effect.

4. Put on 3D Glasses and Enjoy!

Get a pair of Red and Cyan 3D glasses and enjoy your creation!

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Photo Credit: Cog Log Lab & Lee Stranahan