Facebook As more and more people have flocked to facebook, it has also become common for more and more people to post things as their statuses that would be better left unposted.  For some reason, we feel as though every tidbit of information going on in our head should be shared; especially if we are upset with someone or something.  For that reason, I decided to put together a post of some things that I think are better left off of facebook.

How Not To Use Facebook

1. As a forum for debate.

Facebook is not the best place to debate your religious or political opinions.  I realize that you are passionate about these things, but the truth is that it is much healthier to have an in-person conversation over a digital argument.  Internet debates typically go nowhere good very quickly, and for that reason I think it's best for us to not engage in debates online or post things that are for the sake of starting a debate.  Post your opinions; disagree with others, but don't let it escalate to becoming a debate.

2. As a place to tell us all your problems.

If you have a problem with someone or a group of people, deal with it in person.  Posting it on facebook doesn't solve anything.  I regularly see this as a way for people to vent their frustrations when hurt by someone or something.  Jesus tells us to deal with our problems with the people directly not by broadcasting it on the internet.

3. A place to complain about your job.

This one is just not smart.  What you post online can be used against you in your job or when you are looking for future jobs.  Employers often check facebook before they hire new employees, and they often find out about things being posted with current employees.  Chances are that if you post on facebook a complaint about your job, your co-workers and possibly your boss will know about it.

4. To replace real relationships

I love to use facebook as a tool to connect with people that I don't always connect with.  I also love to use it as another tool for communicating with those I care about.  When we get involved in online communities, it can be a temptation to see our digital relationships as no different than our real relationships.  You certainly may really, truly care for your digital friends, but don't live in a digital world and forsake the importance of having real live friendships and hanging out with real people.

What are some ways that you think we shouldn't use facebook?