July 29th, 2010.  It's been just over two years since I've started this blog.  After 255 posts, I have learned a lot about myself, my ministry, and becoming a better writer.   When I started the blog, I had a pretty simple motivation, to write about the things that I love because I love to write.

Here's what I wrote on my first blog post: 

What I want this blog to be about is a place for me to think out loud. I like to write and this can be a way I can write about ministry, life, technology, and anything else that inspires me.  I like to browse the web and share what I find.  I like to share what’s going on in my ministry and I like to write about things that I care about.  So this is my place that I can do that and hopefully in time it can also become a place where I can converse with others about these things.

My motivation over the past two years hasn't changed.  This blog is my place to think out out loud.  I love to write and this site is a place that I can publish my thoughts on ministry, life, technology or anything else that is inspiring me at a given moment.  I began writing on this blog for myself and I continue to do it primarily because I love to do so.

I also wrote about what I thought I wasn't doing when I started this blog:

Perhaps having a personal domain and blogging may make this blog seem like some sort of self-promotional tool, but I’m hoping that my blog will be something other than building a list of subscribers or getting people to click on ads (I have other places for that).  I’m really perfectly content with the way things are and want to write more.

The heart of that statement is still true.  I did not start the blog and still do not blog for the purpose of self-promotion.  As I blog I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to write good content and how to make my blog work well for the readers.  While the quoted statement is true, I have changed my perspective a bit on building a list of subscribers and getting people to click on ads.  As my writing on this blog has grown, so has my list of subscribers.  I have seen a new value in having an audience as I no longer write simply for myself but also for other people.  I want to grow my list of subscribers, but not by trying to find cheap gimmicks, but instead by writing quality material about ministry, theology, and technology.

I also have no problem considering the idea of placing ads on this site.  I don't yet, but anticipate that at some point I will more seriously consider that.  This blog is not built to give me another source of income, but if I find a way to monetize something that I love doing, namely writing, I will consider doing it.  I'm not there yet and when I am I will be clear about what I'm trying to do.  The closest thing I have done to advertising at this point is a few affiliate links.

Photo Credit: Bluenettle