Satan is the world-class accuser. If he ran a law firm, he’d be its first and most powerful partner.  His specialty is accusing and destroying people. Like you. 

From the moment you’re accused, he’s prowling around in front of the jury, ready to attack and  make his case. He never comes to court unprepared. 

He's got evidence, eyewitnesses, and testimonies to put you away for life. He calls your friends on the stand to testify about your lies and cover-ups. He puts your family on the stand to reveal your weakness before the jury. His evidence submitted before the court and in full public view includes e-mails, voice-mails, and even off-the-record conversations that make you look like a dirt-bag. 

And The Accuser doesn't stop there. Witnesses for the prosecution continue until you are crushed with guilt and your character is shamed beyond recovery. You’re buried under a burden of evidence and testimony with no way out. 

The accused – you – fight to defend yourself. After all, you got yourself into the mess, and you can at least mount a defense to get yourself out. 

You think about hiring a lawyer, but opt to make your own defense, boldly ignoring the lawyer’s axiom"He who represents himself has a fool for a client." 

With your back against the wall facing brutal accusations, what other choice do you have? Is there really any better person to help you avoid a guilty verdict? Can anyone really justify your actions better than you? If there's a chance that you will be found innocent, you have the best shot at making it happen.  

That’s foolishness, though. You’re not going to get off, and you know it. The accusations are accurate. You might as well just plead guilty. Your efforts to self-justify and refute the evidence are hopeless. 

Counter intuitively, it’s in this hopelessness that God meets you in the courtroom where Satan has made his airtight case against you. Jesus arrives as your advocate. You don't have to make a defense. 

Revelation 12:10-11 says, "For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb."

1 John 2 says, "But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ, the Righteous One."

When Jesus makes his entrance into the courtroom, he comes with witnesses, testimonies, and evidence to support you.  Oddly, though, his evidence doesn't testify to your righteousness but to his. Jesus transforms the proceedings by exchanging his innocence for your guilt. He mitigates the charges against you by offering his own life - his active obedience, his sacrificial death, and his victorious resurrection - all on your behalf. This is an unbeatable tactic. The accuser doesn’t stand a chance. 

When you are clearly guilty, Jesus gives you a new shot at life, and there’s nothing Satan and his team can do to take that from you. 

But the accuser is clever. Even after the case is closed, Satan knows exactly the accusations to whisper to cause you to question your innocence. He knows what wounds to re-open. The accuser is an expert at bringing up forgiven sins. He is an expert in convincing you that your case might be re-opened, perhaps by God himself.  Maybe God will change his mind. Maybe your sin is too much for even Jesus to cover.

While Satan continues to accuse and sow doubt, the law is the law. @@There is no double jeopardy in the Kingdom of God.@@ In Romans 8 Paul writes, "Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen. It is God who justifies."

When Jesus says, “Not guilty," that is what you are. 

@@The case is closed.@@ 

The gavel falls. Court adjourned.