316Qnon0wxVwk8t9aMMmN6pGK4L6ssYcQjiDyHGV08c Our worship ministry staff has some incredibly gifted musicians and this year they decided to put out a Christmas EP as a gift to our congregation. Grace Has Come is a 4-track EP full of original, grace-filled, theologically rich, artistic songs for the Church.

Note: You can find the music embedded in this post or click on a link below to download the music. 

One of my favorite songs, Gifts You Bring, says:

 “There is joy for the broken

Peace for the ravaged

Hope for the hopeless soul

There is grace and forgiveness

Faith and compassion

In Jesus Christ Alone"

Joy, peace, hope, grace, forgiveness, faith, and compassion.

What better truth to celebrate as we prepare for Christmas than the simple truth that all these gifts come from Jesus Christ alone? The only place we can truly find joy, peace, and hope is in the person and work of Jesus. The manger is just the beginning of grace showing up on the scene and changing our world.

In further conversation with our worship team, I learned that this song was not written in isolation from the history of the Church, but it actually had roots in an traditional Christmas Eve prayer.

The prayer says the words, "O God, You make this most holy night to shine with the brightness of the true Light.”  Corey, Steve, and Matt wrote, “Oh my God, who has made this night, shine with brightness of your Truest Light.  Break the dark that has hidden me, that has taken me from the gifts you bring.”

Let this free gift from our worship ministry bless you with the grace that comes in the birth of a baby boy.  Download this EP and share it with your friends.