In the beginning of April, I released an abridged version of Luther’s Commentary on Galatians entitled Galatians: Selections from Martin Luther’s Commentary. The goal with this version of the commentary was simple, I wanted average, everyday people who would normally be intimidated by the work of Luther to have an easy way to dive into the work of Martin Luther.

Galatians is one of Luther’s most significant works and is foundational in understanding the distinction between Law and Gospel. In my original post, here’s how I described what I was attempting to do:

First, it’s shortened significantly. The entire commentary is great, but it can be a bit intimidating for the average person.

Second, it’s divided up with headings, chapters, and scripture references that make it easy to read and more devotional in format.

Third, art accompanies the text. As you’re reading, I want you to be able to stop and pause as certain phrases are called out with art.

Fourth, it’s truly Luther. I’m not changing Luther’s words. So when you read the commentary, it is truly the words of Luther as translated by Theodore Graebner. I’ve taken parts out but I didn’t change the style of his language itself.

So how would I describe this book? It’s Luther, but for everyday life. It brings a work that was written hundreds of years ago and remains relevant in our day and puts it in a package that is accessible for the average person.

Today, I’ve got exciting news. Galatians: Selections from Martin Luther’s Commentary is now available in print. When I put together the free eBook (which is still free for subscribers), I couldn’t help but look at the copy and the images and think how great it would look in print.


After the great reception for the free digital copy and some requests from people who have been reading the digital version, I’ve decided to do a little bit more work in order to make it available in print. After making some design adjustments and additional layout work, Galatians is ready for you to buy for you and your friends.

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