I cannot imagine the mixed emotions the Israelite's would have felt when their feet first hit the edge of the Red Sea. After finally escaping the slavery of Pharaoh, it seemed that their incompetent rescuer did think through his plan. He led them to their demise with their last view being an army behind them and a sea in front of them. 






In a crowd of over a million being led out of slavery, there wouldn't be an emotion missed in the group. There'd be cursing and gossiping. There'd be plotting and sobbing. You name the response, it probably was brewing at that moment. 

Moses at this point probably has his share of emotions too. After all, this wasn't even his idea. In fact, he tried to get out of the job. This is all God's fault. And now, it seems God has led Moses and his people right to their own destruction, so much for God making good on his promise. 

With their feet on the edge of the water, there is nothing in front of them but their fears and the future blocked by a sea. And behind them Pharaoh and his army's are fast approaching ready to destroy. 

Have you had one of those kind of moments? Probably not the being chased by an army part, but one of those moments where it feels like God has failed you. Maybe you're trying to take another step forward but that appears that it'd be nothing more the wading into deep waters. And then you look back and with anxiety you wonder how you are supposed to escape the pain that is chasing so closely behind. 

Moses in Exodus 14 responds to Israel in the midst of their emotions, "Do not be afraid… the Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still."

Don't be afraid. This is not your fight.

And it's in that helpless moment that God makes good on his promise. When they thought it wasn't possible, they walk through on dry ground. When they thought their future would drown them or the past would kill them, God protects them. 

@@Even when your situation looks like God has failed, God always delivers on his promises.@@ - Even with unknowns in front and pain behind - God always delivers on his promises. When pain is behind you and in front of you and your helpless to find a way out, God isn’t asking you to fix it. When the sin is too great, when the tragedy is too painful, and when what they said leaves a wound too deep - Jesus says to you, “I will fight for you. You don’t need to do anything.” 

@@God’s not asking you to win this fight.@@ 

He’s got this.  He’s not asking you to win the war, he’s standing in front of you getting bloodied and bruised for you. Jesus wins the fight that we can’t.  All you have to do... be still. 

"Be still, and know that I am God" - Psalm 46:10