As the fall comes so does all the planning for the upcoming year.  One of my absolute favorite parts of my job is getting to teach our students about Jesus.  And like I usually am, I am very excited to jump into the fall with some fun series and lessons planned. kingdom_title.png

Wild Kingdom: a 3 week series on the Kingdom of God answering questions like what is the kingdom of God, where is the kingdom of God, and when do we see the kingdom of God?  Also if you'd like to take this image to use as your own, just e-mail me and i'll send you a full resolution one.


Schooled: a 3 week series on living out your faith while your in school (or home-schooled since we have a lot in our group).  We'll spend time talking about Standing Up for your faith, Sticking Out from the crowd, and Speaking Out the message of Jesus.  The graphics for this series can be found at


Choose Your Own Adventure: a 4 week series all about speaking to our students felt needs.  They are literally choosing the topics each week.  We will have some fun voting on the various topics each week and then spending times talking about whatever our students want to talk about.

This will take us up to December, where we will jump into a Christmas series, which we are still working out our theme for.  But regardless, I'm guessing that it will have something to do with the birth of Jesus...just guessing.