Several months ago I decided that for our 11/11/11 anniversary, I wanted to surprise Jessica by taking her to Disney world.  I began looking into some of the details about costs, resorts, and such to see if it was feasible.  Once I decided that it was an actual possibility, I began devising my plan for the surprise.  I wanted to make sure that on 11/11/11 she would find out that we are leaving the next day for Disney World. Photo 1

The Plan

In order to make this plan work, I had to lie.  A lot.  I convinced Jessica to take a week off of work, which was not difficult since she doesn't enjoy working, so that we could spend a few days in Frankenmuth and also have some time to do work around the house and get the baby's room ready.  Once she had the days off, I put my next steps into action as I made reservations for our Disney Resort.  Immediately after I booked our reservation for the All Star Movies resort, I used my photoshop skills to fake an invoice for a hotel in Frankenmuth that Jessica was hoping we would stay at.  In the midst of this process, I made sure to talk about plans and ideas for our trip to Frankenmuth and our week off, while also at the same time makig sure only a select few knew about the actual plan.  I basically planned two vacations; the real one and the fake one.


The Reveal

On our anniversary, Jessica had to work in the morning.  I took the morning off and had my sister come over to help me get started with packing.  I wanted to get the packing started so there would less to worry about when she realized in less than 24 hours we would be in Orlando.  When Jessica got home from work, there was a pile of gifts waiting to be opened in order.  First, Harry Potter 7.2 on Blu-ray.  Second, a Harry Potter wand and glasses.  Third, a Peter Pan book.  Fourth, Mickey Ears.  And finally, luggage tags for Disney World.  She spent most of that afternoon saying, "Is this real?"

[tentblogger-youtube H8LpX3gUjTY]

That's how I made Jessica's 11/11/11 wish come true.

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