Culture of mission I recently got the chance to talk to Jon Dansby, one of the pastors at the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas.  Austin Stone is a community centered on the person and mission of Jesus.  I first heard Jon speak at the Lutheran Hour Conference in Detroit and immediately wanted to hear more about what he had to say about being a missionary in our culture.

Jon is passionate about equipping people to delight in the Gospel so much that they are sent on mission for God.  In a day and age where it has become abundantly clear that we are often foreigners in our own culture, we have an important task of cultivating a missionary mindset within our own congregations.

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Some quotes from the show:

“We’re asking our lost friends to be missionaries more than we are willing to be missionaries."

“We might as well start selling missional shoe-laces.” 

“The Christian community is the single most persuasive argument for the Christian faith.”

 “Missional communities are just communities that are on mission to demonstrate and declare the Gospel.” 

“We need a third place for Christians to gather that is for the sake of mission… we want them to gather for community and gather again for mission."

Show Notes: 

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