christmas bulb This week our creative team decided to get together and do some Christmas planning.  And yes, I do realize it's July.  For a long time, the idea of being far enough out in our planning to have some brainstorming for Christmas done several months in advance was something that seemed like it would be valuable but not a reality.  This week it happened.  We shifted our mindsets from swimming, beaches, and sunburns to Christmas sweaters, carols, and cookies.

The goal as we gathered was to take ideas which we had been brainstorming over the past month and do some refining.  The goal was to have somewhat of a framework based on a preaching theme that would carry us through the Advent season and if all went well our staging, music, and videos can help enhance that message.  Whether or not this was a success won't really be known for another 5 months, but giving our creatives a chance to brainstorm and live with these ideas for several months does not seem like it could hurt the creative process.

When do you start thinking about Christmas?  We tried June/July and it seems potentially valuable.

Photo Credit: John Curley