Catalyst [This post is from a series of notes from Catalyst 2012]

Perry Noble, Pastor at NewSpring Church focused on the making of a leader.  Perry began by addressing frustrated leaders, reminding us that there is always somebody that is not happy with what we're doing.  In the book of 1 Samuel 16, we learn of the anointing of David.  What's interesting is that while God anointed David, it still took time before he was in a position of leadership in power.

And when no one noticed David, he learned a skill that would propel him to a place of leadership.  David was a skilled musician, but his musical skills did not propel him to leadership.  Instead while David was still an unknown young boy, he honed his skills with the slingshot.  A skill that by the power of God would propel him into the place of leadership.  As leaders, we need to get past waiting to be discovered and desire for God to develop us.

"Anointing is not an excuse to not go through the process." - Perry Noble

Perry made several interesting statements that resonated with me as he talked about the process of making leaders:

  • If you're gifted, you don't need to tell people, just use your gifts and people will notice.
  • We don't need to figure out how to reach the next generation…we just need to let the next generation lead and make ourselves available
  • We get paid to do what others gave their lives to do
  • It's easy to talk smack about your leader; talk to Jesus instead
  • Phil 1:6…God will carry it on to completion.