[This post is a part of a series of notes on Catalyst 2011] Judah Smith

I had never heard Judah Smith preach before this week. The notes for the session were not extensive, but the message was powerful. Judah Smith has a very fun preaching style to listen to and he opened us to Exodus 33, retelling the encounter that Moses had with God as he got the chance to see God's back as he walked by.

What Moses saw made his face glow and we often wish we could see what Moses saw. But why wish to see what Moses saw when what we get to see in Christ is far better than what Moses ever saw. Moses only wishes that in his day he could have encountered the glory of God like we get to because of Jesus. Jesus is the glory of God, he is all we need. Judah Smith closed with the difficult question for all leaders, "Since when is Jesus not enough?"