Perry Noble was a fun preacher to listen to and I love that fact that he gets on stage and talks about what it's like to be preaching at the same conference with "Andy-freaking-Stanley."  Perry preached out of 1 Kings 17 and spent some time exploring the story of Elijah and where God took him and how that relates to us in leadership. As we look at the story of Elijah and at our own lives, the best advice any of us could ever take is to simply "do what the Lord told you to do."  Perry challenged us to think about our relationship with God and spending more time listening to what God tells us to do.

Spend more time of your face...less on your facebook.

One of the interesting things that happens in the life of Elijah is that as God leads him to a brook, we find out in verse 7 that the place that God led him to dries up.

Sometimes, as leaders, things get difficult simply because we are following Jesus.  Elijah was led by God to this brook; imagine the frustration of being there and not having water.  But God uses this situation to prepare him for things that he planned for him that were far beyond what Elijah could have ever imagined for himself and this happened because Elijah listened to God.

Photo Credit: escapedtowisconsin