Behind You may have noticed some changes at over the past month depending on how it is that you choose to read these posts.  I have spent the past couple of months trying to find a way to freshen up the look of this site and also clarifying what it is that this site is all about.

Here’s an overview of what went on behind the scenes.


It’s important to me that this site is simple.  Martin Luther said about preaching, “Stand up, speak up, and shut up.”  If having a space on the internet is standing up and writing is speaking up, the simplicity in the design and style is the shutting up.  This site has always been simple, but it’s been simplified and clarified even further than it was before.  The categories should be simple categories that make sense.  The design should get out of the way and let you read what you want to read.  And the writing should all be simple.  I want you to read great theology that has been preached for hundreds of years and for you to understand it and apply it.  This happens by being simple.  And so the writing will hopefully be simple and that will also hopefully be reflected in the design.

“Creativity is subtraction.” - Austin Kleon


Good theology is compelling.  It’s beautiful.  In fact, throughout history, good theology has always produced great art.  Some of the greatest artists were also compelled by a deep, rich theology.  I believe that this is just as true today as ever before.  I’m not sculpting statutes or painting the cistine chapel, but this site shares my art.  Film.  Preaching.  Writing.  Design.  I believe that the stuff I am writing is life-changing, and I want the way that it looks to reflect the same beauty.  And that means that the images, the videos, and even the font choices should be stunning.

Everyday life.

You may have noticed in a few different places around the site or in newsletters the phrase, “Theology for everyday life.”  This isn’t really a new idea, it’s simply a way I am describing what’s been happening on this site over the past several years.  Theology is a word that sounds old, stuffy, and out-of-touch.  It sounds like something reserved for academics and dead guys.  But I disagree.  Theology isn’t for only for classrooms, theology is for everyday life.  It’s my hope on this site as we simply and beautifully share the story of the scriptures, we experience something that impacts everyday life.  I believe that the Gospel shapes all of life - my parenting, my relationship with my spouse, my friendships, my work, and so on.  That’s everyday life.  And that’s why theology is so important, because it affects all areas of our life.