Over the past couple of months, I've progressed from a random idea to now being at the point where I can announce to the world a new iPhone app that I'm working on and hoping to release this summer. Over the years as I've worked with students, I've seen incredible value in using movie clips when teaching a sermon or leading a small group. There have been great resources that have helped me as I've done this, but being the person I am, I couldn't help but think the iPhone is a perfect device for a resource to help me and my volunteers utilize movie clips as we teach students. Clips is that app that I dreamed of using and sharing with my volunteers. The app will allow users to search for a movie or topic they want to talk about, suggest the scene to use and even provide the user with discussion questions and scripture references.

There is still some work to be done in order to make this app a reality, but I am at the point that I am looking for beta testers so I can get this resource ready for launch. If you're interested in beta testing, sign up here using a service called TestFlightApp. Until then stay tuned for more information.