Children When Elijah was born things changed.  Certainly there were the typical changes to our lives that everyone would expect, like new sleep patterns and priorities in our lives.  But there were also several new things that were previously unacceptable for a grown man, but now were completely acceptable because I have a young child.

Things That Are Now Acceptable Because I Have a Kid

10. Playing with toys.

9. Choosing a children's movie over an action movie.

8. Saturday morning cartoons.

7. Reading children's books.

6. Hanging out at Toys 'R Us.

5. Leaving a party early because someone missed their nap.

4. Accusing your son or daughter of being stinky when you fart in public.

3. Taking regular naps.

2. Seeing any and every animated Disney or Pixar film in theaters.

1. Making up songs about whatever you'd like, sometimes even about poop.