It's the top of the ninth with a runner on first and second. There are two outs and the home team is fighting to hold off the visiting team for one more inning. The pitch comes in and the batter swings and hits a line drive to the outfield. As soon as the right fielder gets the ball, he notices the runner rounding third to make an attempt at home for the go-ahead run. 

He fires the ball on target and the catcher receives the ball right in position to tag the runner before he even has a shot at home. The umpire is right in position to make the call and the crowd has the perfect camera angle to see everything on the jumbo-tron. 

He's out. There's no question about it. The instant reply shows it, the crowd saw it, and the runner was not surprised. He's out by a mile. 

But then something happens that shocks everyone. The umpire motions his arms outward saying, "Safe." Everybody erupts with anger - the coach is in the umpire's face, the crowd is throwing things, and the runner is shocked. 

And here's the tension for everybody in that situation. Everybody saw how the play went down, but the moment the umpire called him "safe," he was and nobody could change it. He's safe because the umpire said he's safe. 

The world might disagree when they see the highlights run on ESPN. The crowd will no doubt be in an uproar. But the umpire declared him to be safe, therefore he's safe. 

This is what Jesus does. 

And no one can change that. Regardless of how much they saw you fail.

@@Jesus declares you righteous and it has nothing to do with whether or not you came up short.@@ It has nothing to do with your efforts or intentions. You are declared right with God by Jesus solely based on the work of Jesus. Jesus’ perfect life, his sacrificial death, and his victorious resurrection are all offered freely - and by a Word Jesus declares that all to be yours. 

@@When Jesus declares, “Not guilty,” we become what he says.@@ This is not a legal fiction. It's not a divine pretending. Jesus declares you innocent and you become what Jesus says. He spreads his arms out wide and says, "It is finished" and those words become true of you. 

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