I read a ridiculous amount of blogs and listen to a ton of sermons.  While there is certainly no shortage of availability of blogs to be reading or podcasts to subscribe to, over the past year a number of new voices have really become prominent in my feeds.

As you prepare for 2015 and look for new material that you should be reading, subscribing, and listening to, here is my list of 15 voices that you should be listening to this year.  In no particular order...

15 Voices You Should Be Listening To

Tullian Tchividjian. Tullian has blown up this year with his talks of the scandalous message of grace. He writes and runs an awesome Law and Gospel centered event and blog called Liberate.

Ken Chitwood. Ken has been writing for a long time but recently started his own blog. He’s ridiculously smart, is studying for his PHD, and writes about some important world religions issues that we should all be thinking about.

Jacob Goff. Jake has not been writing as much lately at SimulBlog, but he’s been on fire with his new podcast with Rich Cook called Theology After Dark. This podcast is a grace-filled, irreverent, and entertaining show that you should spend some time with.

Dan Emery Price. I’ve been excited about the coming project by Dan, Christ Hold Fast, after following him on twitter for several months. Just this past week, I finally got to spend some time chatting about his project and you need to be pay attention to the crew that Dan has gotten together.

Chad Bird. Chad has one of the best blogs that I’ve discovered this year. He’s the type of person that writes so well that I read it and ask myself, “Why do I even try to write?”  His posts are mind-blowingly good.

Nathan Huse. Nathan is an awesome worship leader in the metro-detroit area that recently took the plunge into the blogging world. And my blog reading is better because of it; Nathan has just begun blogging but you should add him to your list of people to follow.

Heather Davis. Heather has this crazy desire to reclaim the Christian conversation. She’s written some great books, challenges me in my writing, and has a great way with making significant words accessible for the average person.

Matt Popovits. Matt unfortunately doesn’t blog very often, but he is one of my go to preachers when I’m catching up on sermons from preachers around the country.  Subscribe to the OSNY podcast to hear his sermons.

The Defeated Victor. I discovered Dominick’s writing via our random conversations on twitter and loved the way he passionately and clearly wrote about the message of the Gospel. He’s proudly Lutheran and writes in a way that will speak to anybody, no matter where they are at.

Glenn Packiam. Glenn is an odd mix between Anglican priest and non-denominational pastor. He has a love for liturgy but does it in an contextual environment. Glenn is one of my favorite writers and thinkers when it comes to thinking about worship.

Paul Dunk. Paul is a church planter in Ontario who I discovered listening to the Theology After Dark podcast.  I have yet to start listening to his preaching, but the writing on the KW Redeemer blog is great!

Mockingbird. I discovered Mockingbird through Liberate and immediately discovered an incredible source of grace-rich content. I just subscribed to their quarterly journal and it’s crazy good and very well designed.

Sarah Taras. Sarah has been on fire as of lately from her posts about a female’s struggle with lust and her reminder that we’re not crazy for believing the Gospel. She has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers this year.

Matt Richard. Matt and I connected this year after he had some questions about my ministry; after we talked I began to follow Matt’s blog and have since been encouraged by the consistent posts often pointing me to great excerpts from books or sermons.

KeyLife Network. KeyLife is the ministry of Steve Brown and is all about the radical message of grace. Steve Brown alone writes brilliantly, but with KeyLife he’s also brought together some great Gospel writers.