Good theology was never meant to be out of reach. In fact, part of what made the work of Luther revolutionary was the invention of the printing press, which allowed his work to be more accessible than ever before. But now that we are five hundred years removed from Luther’s lifetime, most of us find his works to be intimidating. He’s important but daunting. His words are influential but usually left on a shelf.

Step into Luther’s commentary on Romans—without intimidation. Even though Martin Luther taught about the Book of Romans half a millennium ago, his writings have everything to do with your life today. The grace God shows you is a gift, not something you can or have to earn, and Luther shows us this again and again.
Organized by significant themes in Romans, Reading Romans with Luther offers highlights from Luther’s commentary with further explanation on how these themes are relevant to our lives today. Weaved throughout is beautiful artwork that helps you pause and reflect on key Luther quotes.

Luther was a teacher who revolutionized the way we approach God’s Word. Come be his student.

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Pre-Order Freebies


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What better way to use Reading Romans with Luther than to lead your congregation through a sermon series on the book of Romans.  This includes a title screen and background screen for the series. 

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In addition to material for a sermon series, we also want this book to be discussed in small groups or bible studies. These discussion guides will help facilitate a discussion around the book of Romans.

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5 Digital GRaphics

This book is full of incredible graphics that highlight Luther's quotes. The only thing better than reading and savoring these great quotes is sharing them on your social media. We will give you digital access to 5 of the digital images from the book. 


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What People Are Saying


Elyse M Fitzpatrick, Author of Because He Loves Me

“The gospel is," as Martin Luther said, "the very heart of the Bible. And the book of Romans is the very heart of the gospel.” And though we love Romans itself and would like to read and understand what Luther had to say about it, many of us find it difficult to press through the antiquated language and unfamiliar phrasing that was common parlance 500 years ago. And that’s where this wonderful book comes in. Helping the modern reader understand Luther’s thought as he processed Paul’s, this book makes deep theology simple and hopefully will open the door for new generations of believers to enjoy and cherish the truths that spawned the reformation particularly the shocking grace of God bestowed on shockingly sinful creatures.


Matt Popovits, Pastor of Our Saviour New York

Martin Luther didn't just read Romans. He was changed by it. Romans left Luther undone by God's message of a totally free righteousness. It's the same message that lit a fire in Luther leading to the Reformation. What I love about this book is that helps any and all join Luther in discovering and celebrating the message of God's extravagant mercy as it's uniquely presented in Paul's letter to the Romans. Luther's world-changing insights are all there and easy to grasp, made even more accessible by RJ's personal and pastoral observations. Don't just read Romans, read it with Luther and let its message of a totally free righteousness change you too.


Gene Veith, Author of Spirituality of the Cross

The Epistle to the Romans contains some of the Bible’s richest explorations of the Gospel.  Luther’s Commentary on Romans shows how great a theologian—that is, an expositor of Scripture—he is.  In this book, RJ Grunewald serves up extracts from both St. Paul and Luther and then explains and applies them in an utterly fresh, contemporary, and illuminating way.   With its three voices—those of St. Paul, Luther, and Rev. Grunewald—this book is a highly original, extremely readable treatment of our justification by Christ.  Laypeople will read it with pleasure and give it to their non-Christian friends.



More Endorsements


More Endorsements

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Jessica Thompson, Author of Give them grace and speaker

RJ has done it again. He has taken the deep and sometimes hard to navigate writings of Martin Luther, and has not only given us a road map to understanding but has also taken our hand and gently led us along the path. This book is rich. This book is relatable. This book is beautiful. Buy it. You won’t regret it.


Daniel emery price, Pastor of Trinity Church NWA and author of Scandalous Stories: A Sort of Commentary on Parables

Sometimes I ask members of my congregation which book of the Bible they would like me to preach through next. Romans is the most common request. There is something about the language and depth of Romans that causes Christians to want it explained and expounded upon. What RJ has done with Luther’s commentary on Romans is nothing short of brilliant! It’s written and put together in a way that makes it accessible for all audiences. The words of RJ, Luther and the Apostle Paul put our salvation through Jesus Christ on full blast! I am thrilled to recommend this work to anyone who desires to dive deeper into Paul’s letter to the Romans.


Chris Roseborough, Pastor and Captain of PirateChristian.com

Rightly understanding the Book of Romans is critical to rightly understanding the entire Bible. RJ Grunewald’s Reading Romans With Luther is a fantastic resource that will help you better understand the Book of Romans and give you the Biblical understanding necessary to understand the depth of our sinful condition, the magnitude of God’s grace and mercy, how to properly appropriate law and gospel and then how to correctly understand how good works flow from faith into the lives of believers without slipping back into works righteousness. This is a wonderful little book.



Though half a millennium separates us from Martin Luther, his writings continue to pop up in everything from song lyrics to sermons to tweets. He is a teacher whose theology never rusts. If you’ve ever tried to tackle a entire book by Luther, however, you know it can be daunting task. Like drinking from a fire hose. What we need is for someone to shrink that fire hose down to the flow of a water fountain. That’s precisely what RJ Grunewald has done in Reading Romans with Luther. He’s taken one of the most profound contributions to Christian thought ever written, and he’s placed it in our hands in a streamlined form that is faithful to the Reformer’s own words. This is a tremendous gift to the church. This is a book you can place in the hands of anyone—youth or adult, Lutheran or non-Lutheran, Christian or seeker. RJ has helped span that half a millennium that separates us from Luther. And for that, we all owe him a great debt of gratitude.


bill woolsey, Executive Director, FiveTwo

Words that come to mind when reading RJ's book "Reading Romans with Luther": Accessible, down-to-earth, deep, theological, practical, beautiful (in a manly way), and engaging, on all levels.  I know my experience will be yours as you dive into "Reading Romans with Luther."  It's a devotional that resonates from pew to pulpit to planter, beautiful in both verbiage and illustrations, solidly centered in grace.  The world could use more books like this.