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If you pre-order Reading Romans with Luther before January 12, you'll get the following exclusive freebies. Feel free to pre-order on CPH or, you can just e-mail with a copy of your receipt and you'll receive your freebies. 


If you pre-order, you can also get a free PDF version of the book before anyone else. While you wait for the physical copy to arrive weeks later, you can get a start reading it early and then start marking up all the great quotes you found once the other arrives. 

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sermon series pack 2

What better way to use Reading Romans with Luther than to lead your congregation through a sermon series on the book of Romans.  Join other churches as they use this book as a guide to teach the book of Romans inspired by the incredible work of Luther.  This sermon series pack will include bumper videos and title slides. 

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BOOK GRaphics Pack

This book is full of incredible graphics that highlight Luther's quotes. The only thing better than reading and savoring these great quotes is sharing them on your social media. If you pre-order, we will give you digital access to the entire library of digital images from the book. 

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In addition to material for a sermon series, we also want this book to be discussed in small groups or bible studies. In order to make that a reality, we have created some discussion guides to help facilitate a discussion around the book of Romans and the ideas from this book. 


The Art of Law and Gospel

The distinction of Law and Gospel is one of the most important arts in the Christian life. Luther unpacks this important distinction in his commentary on Romans. This short book on Law and Gospel is the perfect introduction to how Law and Gospel work distinctly yet in partnership with one another. 


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