Galatians: Selections from Martin Luther

Martin Luther is a theologian whose writing has changed my life. Luther, in a day when the Church hijacked the message of the Gospel, stood boldly for the proclamation of Christ alone. In a world that literally sold people forgiveness for a few bucks, Martin Luther came onto the scene recovering the message of the scriptures that said, “The price has already been paid.”

But here’s the thing about Luther. He’s intimidating. He wrote a ton and now that we are about 500 years removed from the date of his writing (not to mention it was written in a different language), it can be a bit tough to dive into the works of Luther.

I want to change that.

I want more and more Christians to dive into the depths of the theology of Martin Luther. I have no doubt that many of the distinctions that are found in his writings are needed in today’s churches and in our conversations about the scriptures. And one of the best places to be introduced to Luther is in his commentary on Galatians.