What People Are Saying


Elyse M Fitzpatrick, Author of Because He Loves Me

“The gospel is," as Martin Luther said, "the very heart of the Bible. And the book of Romans is the very heart of the gospel.” And though we love Romans itself and would like to read and understand what Luther had to say about it, many of us find it difficult to press through the antiquated language and unfamiliar phrasing that was common parlance 500 years ago. And that’s where this wonderful book comes in. Helping the modern reader understand Luther’s thought as he processed Paul’s, this book makes deep theology simple and hopefully will open the door for new generations of believers to enjoy and cherish the truths that spawned the reformation particularly the shocking grace of God bestowed on shockingly sinful creatures.


Matt Popovits, Pastor of Our Saviour New York

Martin Luther didn't just read Romans. He was changed by it. Romans left Luther undone by God's message of a totally free righteousness. It's the same message that lit a fire in Luther leading to the Reformation. What I love about this book is that helps any and all join Luther in discovering and celebrating the message of God's extravagant mercy as it's uniquely presented in Paul's letter to the Romans. Luther's world-changing insights are all there and easy to grasp, made even more accessible by RJ's personal and pastoral observations. Don't just read Romans, read it with Luther and let its message of a totally free righteousness change you too.


Gene Veith, Author of Spirituality of the Cross

The Epistle to the Romans contains some of the Bible’s richest explorations of the Gospel.  Luther’s Commentary on Romans shows how great a theologian—that is, an expositor of Scripture—he is.  In this book, RJ Grunewald serves up extracts from both St. Paul and Luther and then explains and applies them in an utterly fresh, contemporary, and illuminating way.   With its three voices—those of St. Paul, Luther, and Rev. Grunewald—this book is a highly original, extremely readable treatment of our justification by Christ.  Laypeople will read it with pleasure and give it to their non-Christian friends.